Make money online with these easy enough tips

By Shahid Khan

If you are free and can spend some hours of your day on the Internet, you can make money online while enjoying the comfort of your own home. There are no tips that can make you rich overnight, but with a bit of hard work you can make extra income on the Internet.

See the tips here:

Affiliate marketing

If you have a blog and a website and it generates some traffic, you can market companies’ producst and get commission.

Today, hundreds of affiliates make easy money by selling or promoting products offered by designers, retailers and even big companies. All you have to do is choose an industry or a particular product and start making money as visitors buy those products through your site. These merchants offer commissions ranging from 10% or more, depending on the industry. Once you are registered, you can join all the products (over 3,000 products).

One of the top-ranked sites that offer affiliate programs is See the details here: Amazon Affiliate Program.

Self publish books If you love to write, you can get a book published online. There are several programs that allow you to get a book published, but we will stick to as it is reliable and offers good rates. Kindle Direct Publishing is an Amazon-based publishing program for people like you. You can make money through ryolaties on every sale. See details here. Kindle Direct Publishing.

Sell second-hand stuff online

Make a blog or a website and start by selling your own second-hand stuff online. There are no hard and fast rules to this amazing industry, but you can also check with online platforms that allow buyers and sellers to exchange used stuff for money. It is better to start by signing up with online platforms than create your own website as it will take months to generate traffic. Check these sites out:  OLX, Craiglist.

Create and sell apps

There are several tutorials online that can teach you to create apps. Create apps and sell them online. Making an app is not that hard, but finding buyers can a little annoying at first. But no worries. You can check with online app stores and offer a good price.


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