Taliban attack US base in Nangarhar

By Talha Ahmed

  • Taliban spokesman claims at least six American soldiers killed in assault
  • More than 40 NATO containers, military vehicles destroyed

MORE than 100 Taliban insurgents besieged a part of US military base in Nangarhar, Afghanistan yesterday, and attacked troops inside the base with mortars and heavy weapons. Insurgents were also assisted by a team of suicide bombers that began the assault as three of them detonated their explosive-laden vests.

Mortars and rockets rumbled across the sky as insurgents began the attack by sending in suicide bombers first, sending soldiers inside the base running for cover and calling in reinforcement. Three of the suicide bombers blew themselves up at different locations just outside the compound, allowing other militants to get close to the base.

A Pashto-language Jihadi website quoted Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as saying that the insurgents killed at least six American soldiers inside the base and “we were also able to destroy more than 40 military vehicles and NATO containers carrying supplies”.

An Afghan official told on condition of anonymity that the assault was well coordinated and organized, but was fended off as the soldiers inside the base were able to take positions before any serious damage. The official told Americans fought back and opened fire, triggering a fierce gun battle that lasts for at least an hour.


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