Taliban mount pressure on US ahead of withdrawal

By Talha Ahmed

Taliban Fighters (1)

Taliban, whom the US and other coalition partners have been trying to defeat since the start of global war on terror in late 2001, have apparently mounted pressure on the enemy lately by carrying out a string of suicide assaults and hit-and-run operations in several provinces across Afghanistan.

Taliban are aware that once the US troops pull out, they will have a much easier job to finish: march towards Kabul and topple Karzai. Taliban, fighting under the banner of Mullah Omar, came close to striking a peace deal with the US a few weeks ago and had already established an office in Doha, Qatar.  Despite what has been happening on the negotiation front, insurgents now seem convinced that the only solution to the crisis is gun.

War-weary Afghans are expressing concerns over poorly-planned negotiations that led the Taliban to step up attacks on coalition forces. Another factor that has made the Taliban more brazen in the past months is the transfer of security to Afghan army. Afghan army, despite having been trained by American counter-insurgency units, is not capable of handling security matters as it has been unable to contain a ruthless Taliban guerilla campaign in many provinces. With insurgents making inroads into once-peaceful provinces like Kunduz, Baghlan and Kapisa, the US and NATO have abandoned multiple fronts in the hope that Afghan security forces will now take on insurgents.


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