Taliban bombers storm ISAF PRT in Ghazni province

By Talha Ahmed

  • Two suicide bombers blow themselves up at site used by Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)
  • No casualty reported
  • American and Polish troops are in charge of PRT’s security

Taliban Fighters (1)

Two Taliban suicide bombers blew themselves up at a site used by Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) on Wednesday in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. Bombers detonated their vests the moment they reached the main entrance of a building where members of PRT were working, allowing other militants to besiege the building inside a large compound. The insurgents used rocket-propelled grenades and heavy weapons to hold security forces off for a few hours, but the situation was brought under control after the officials present at the site called in reinforcement.

PRT, launched in early 2002, comprises of US and other NATO security personnel, civilian representatives, and police advisors. The PRT’s main job is to provide Afghan civilians with assistance in reconstruction efforts, medical and public affairs.

The Taliban have launched a series of suicide bombings and hit-and-run operations across Afghanistan in the last few weeks, mounting pressure on NATO and US security forces that plan to leave the country in 2014.  


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