Pervaiz Hoodbhoy cracks another good joke

By Talha Ahmed

I recently stumbled across Pervaiz Hoodbhoy’s facebook page where he posted the following picture that caught my eye……….


The pictures shows that Pervaiz Hoodbhoy has a good sense of humor. I don’t know about you, but this post really cracked me up.

First of all, Hoodbhoy doesn’t support his bigoted thoughts on religious persons with evidence.  Second of all, he’s got something against religious people. And third of all, he has been drowned out because nobody is buying what he is tying to sell.

Comparing what western scientists have done in the last two centuries with what our religious seminaries have been doing is, frankly, ridiculous and naive……

I wish Hoodbhoy had posted his own pictures, comparing himself and other Pakistani scientists (like Dr Atta ur Rehman) to western scientists.

And if Professor thinks that our religious seminaries are not doing what they should be doing, then we expect him to come up with a new curriculum for madrasaas…..

I don’t mean to disrespect Pervaiz Hoodbhoy as a scholar per se. He is indeed a prestigious figure within his field, which, of course, is limited to nuclear physics. Clearly he has no technical expertise or training in either general history or religion.

What could be more foolish than to expect religious scholars to prove their worth in science and technology? Trying to enlighten an audience of religious seminaries, Pervaiz Hoodbhoy has written several thought-provoking articles and books, but we still haven’t seen any of these “mindless fanatics” join the fields of science, tech and physics….Neither have we seen them manufacture a computer chip…

Hoodbhoy is not alone, we also have Nadeem F Paracha, Hassan Nisar, Marvi Sarmad, all suffering from the same delusion that the mushroom growth of madarsaas will start producing scientists and software engineers one day, and that is when we will regain our lost glory in the world……….


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