Taliban use tricky war tactics to gain foothold

By Talha Ahmed

US intelligence experts believe that Taliban, often derided as a ragtag army, have become smarter than ever before as they have learned how to rattle NATO troops with their tricky war tactics, causing more damage to enemy and avoiding serious, face-to-face confrontations in the battlefield………………

Afghan Army, which is as useless and poorly trained as Afghan Police, has been massively infiltrated by Taliban insurgents in the past few years. According to analysts, the Taliban members disguised as Afghan Army men are waiting for the right time and will not miss a chance to point their guns at their own Generals and political leaders in the parliament once the US pulls out of the country…………….The assessment seems logical enough and the insurgents have shown in the past that they can kill Americans from inside Afghan Army ranks…..Things are looking grim, aren’t they?

Demonstrating their battlefield skills a few weeks ago in Maidan Wardak Province, a Taliban suicide bomber dressed as a local farmer rode a donkey into a group of NATO soldiers, detonating himself. The blast had left 3 NATO soldiers dead.

Often mocked as a rag-tag army with no proper training and weaponry, the Taliban have become a highly adaptive force in recent years.



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